• Adult Canine Basics

  • Adult Canine Basics:  The Beginner's Toolbox
    Ages 6 months to adulthood
    Pre-requisite:  Proof of puppy class through Fido's Haven or elsewhere


    Week 1 will include paperwork and group discussion of bothersome habits that are commonly experienced by owners, including specific topics suggested by your group.  This often includes biting, nipping, and chewing on unwanted items, jumping and digging (just to name a few).  During weeks 2-6, you will learn basic commands that every adult dog should know such as focus, sit, stay, down, come, leave-it, heel and loose-leash walking.  At this time, we will also begin to incorporate hand signals.  Meet and greet and real-life training of the doorbell will be addressed!  This beginner's toolbox will help point you in the right direction in creating a safe, healthy, happy and successful relationship with your canine companion(s). 


    Cost:  $110.00 per dog
    Duration: 7 weeks
    Class Times:  Tuesday's, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    Class Dates:  Contact Chris (585-355-2087) for schedule