• Doggie Daycare

    Do you work all day and your dog is home alone?  Do you run errands and can't take your canine companion with you?  Our small and intimate facility allows our staff to provide personalized, special attention to your dog(s) during their stay.  Observed by Owner and Certified Dog Trainer, Chris, the area is monitored at all times to help maintain a safe environment.  Your dog(s) will interact safely and properly with staff and other dogs so they either learn to become socialized, or continue to be socialized.  There will be a ton of mental stimulation between these interactions, in addition to receiving an unlimited amount of exercise and walks by staff members.  We guarantee your pooch will go home tired and less energetic!  Drop them off for an hour, up to 6 hours, or up to 12 hours.  Packages are available for longer-term commitments.  


    Half Day $17.00 (up to 6 hours)

    Full Day $25.00 (from 6-12 hours)


    6 week & 12 week daycare packages available *


  • Last Updated 06/29/2017  11:00 AM