• For Fido's That Are Matted

    Fido's Haven of Rochester specializes in matted cases.  Matts are large "tight knots" that are embedded right into the skin.  Often the skin begins to die and flake off at the affected area.  These matts require a lot of detailed attention and time to remove, so the dog is not cut or injured throughout the process.   The dog is often shaved down to the skin, which gives them a fresh new start with their coat and hair growth.  We understand and appreciate how delicate this matter can be, as these conditions can be very painful for dogs to endure.  At the time of drop-off, our staff will assess the severity of the matting and decide as to whether we can proceed.  More than likely, we can.  However, in some very severe cases, it is in the dog's best interest to be sedated at a veterinarians office so they are not injured during the process, especially if they're combative or aggressive.  


    We ask that at the time of booking, to be prepared as this process may take up to 4 hours to complete, depending on the severity.  


    Additional charges of $5.00 - $40.00 + Tax  will apply to each case.  Amount varies based upon severity, size of dog, temperament, difficulty, etc.   An estimate will be provided at time of drop-off.  Please note this is an estimate only, and may change accordingly depending on how the appointment goes.  

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