• For Fido's That Are Matted

    Fido's Haven of Rochester specializes in matted cases.  We understand and appreciate how delicate this matter is, as these situations are very painful for the dogs to endure, and how careful we must approach these situations.  At the time of drop-off, our staff will assess the severity of the matter and decide as to whether we can move forward.  More than likely, we can.  Not always, but on occasion, we are unable to finish the cut due to safety reasons for all involved.  At that moment, we would refer you to a local veterinarian who can provide sedation and are more equipped to handle such a delicate situation.  We ask at the time of booking, to be prepared, as this process is very timely and may take up to 4 hours to complete, depending on severity.

  • $5.00 - $40.00 + Tax apply to each case of matting.  Amount varies based on severity, size of dog, temperament, etc.

  • Last Updated 08/02/2016 09:30 AM