• Grooming Services

    Welcome to our Professional Grooming Salon!  Our Certified and experienced Groomer is looking forward to pampering your canine companion so they feel cleaner, more vibrant and energetic.  From puppies to senior dogs, small to large, we will always do our best to provide fido with a stress-free, relaxing and welcoming experience.


    We have a state-of-the-art, privately owned facility that gives you the luxury of using the same groomer every time, so your dog(s) become comfortable and used to their grooming routines.  Our Groomer will share their experience with you as to how you can keep your dog(s) coat and skin healthy, specific to its breed, in between each appointment by recommending specific shampoos, conditioners or grooming tools.


    We thank you for allowing us to be a member of a team that truly cares about your dog.