• Intermediate/Advanced Canine Learning

  • Intermediate/Advanced Canine Learning
    Ages 1 year to adulthood
    Pre-requisite: Adult Canine Basics: The Beginner's Toolbox (or proof of a Basic course was taken elsewhere)
    We will dive right in starting week 1!  Since your smart pup has already had practice with learning basic commands, we will take it to the next level.  This includes extended sits, sit-stays, down, down-stays, extended heel, loose-leash walking with frequent stops, and reliable recalls.  We will also continue the use of hand signals so eventually, you can communicate with your dog(s) without speaking.  By this time, your pup should also be used to the doorbell, so we will fine-tune that as well.  On the 6th session, you will prove your skills to the class through interaction with another dog that is assigned by the trainer.  Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement that will be a reflection of your dedication, hard work and success in establishing a rewarding relationship with your canine companion(s)!


    Cost:  $125.00 per dog
    Duration: 6 weeks
    Class Times:  Wednesday's, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    Class Dates:  Contact Chris (585-355-2087) for schedule