• Pamper My Puppy

  • Often a puppy's first few experiences at the groomer can be scary to them! Loud noises, lots of people, and other dogs can be overwhelming to these first-timers. Chances are, that if you have a need to bring your pup to the Groomer at a young age, it's because their hair and nails are growing quickly, and they're a breed that will require life-long attention to keep their specific coat-type healthy and matt-free.

    With the Pamper My Puppy package, your pup will be introduced to the light gentle touch of a groomer in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere in our privately-owned state-of-the-art grooming facility. In addition to the experience of getting a bath with no-tear puppy shampoo & conditioner, your pup will be hand towel-dried and lightly blow-dried. They will love a gentle brushing, followed by a trim of their face, trim of pads of feet and nail clipping. This is your first stop along the way to helping your pet look like their specific breed type, while being given a stress-free experience to set them up for future appointments.

    Pricing depends on size, breed, condition of coat, amount of hair & difficulty. 

    A specific quote will be provided at time of drop-off.


  • Last Updated 06/28/2017  12:09 PM