• Training Services

  • Welcome to the training portion of your dog’s journey in creating a healthy, happy, successful and long-term relationship with you and your family! You have already taken the right step by researching and choosing what type of training is most valuable to you and your pet. By taking courses with Animal Behavior College’s Certified Dog Trainer Chris Boivin, she will educate you on how to communicate with your beloved canine companion so they understand you all day, every day.

    Even though Chris follows the beliefs and practices of Animal Behavior College, she also believes that every dog and their family have unique circumstances. So in addition to obedience training, Chris will work with your family and fido on individual areas of concern. She will take into consideration main drives of your beloved pet such as the sociability drive, food drive, prey drive, play drive and defense drive. Your dog’s level of independence and hardness are also key factors that need to be considered.

    As a Balanced Trainer, Chris’s program is positive-motivation based, and she does not encourage the use of negative reinforcement or positive punishment.  Chris will teach you how to understand canine body language and to be at least one step in front of your dog at all times. Dogs are predictable like humans, and look for our leadership. Follow Chris through her advancement opportunities and with the integration of exercise, training, and bonding, you will learn how to create a uniquely desired relationship with your beloved pet.